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There are those who hate Google. Moreover, Google doesn’t have any optimizations like query caching, subindices on common provisions, and other common optimizations. Google provides you with a choice of many locations in your region. Google also search for keywords and search phrases in a specific tag description utilized for the specific content. Google is simplifying that process in a

Tobacco includes nicotine and several carcinogenic and mutagenic substances. As a result, in case you have chosen to chew tobacco rather than smoking it, you’re harming just yourself. Now that masticating tobacco also pose exactly the same dangers, it’s appropriate to give up tobacco chewing as well. As you can picture, a 1 pound supply goes a ways and produces

UK general election campaign trail happened last month New Delhi: Britain’s Indian-origin Home Secretary Priti Patel, who struck the UK general election campaign trail last month, on Sunday promised stronger ties between India and UK after the Brexit deal is finalised. ‘So much will change after we get Brexit completed,’ Patel told CNN-News in an exclusive interview, including:’After we get

Top Five Attractions in South Korea’s Incheon. Odds are you will land in the Incheon International Airport, which is a short drive away from the mega city of Seoul, if you are headed to the Republic of Korea, commonly called South Korea. Think about seeing these attractions if you have some time to spare in Incheon. Songdo Central Park As

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced the new H-1B Employer Data Hub Washington: The US will begin accepting applications for H-1B visas for the upcoming financial year from April 1, the federal immigration agency said on Tuesday and announced the launching of a new data hub to increase the transparency of the work visa programme popular among Indian

The CAB-NRC package is flawed and dangerous Last Wednesday, the Cabinet cleared the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB). This week it is expected to be tabled in Parliament. The essence of the bill is simple. All immigration cases against them will stand abated. They’ll also be eligible for Indian citizenship on an expedited basis, after six decades of residency. There is a

Should we be on our guard, always? Presently, the prosecution the courts and the police operate in silos, when they need to converge, debate and explore every case together. In our nation, despite laws which are reformative in nature, we only talk of capital punishment in the rarest of rare cases. But when we see women and children being raped,

Saudis distance themselves. RIYADH: Saudi Arabia sought to distance itself Saturday from a pupil who carried out a fatal shooting at an American naval base, as it attempts to repair its image of being an exporter of Islamic extremism. The Saudi military student reportedly condemned the US as a’nation of evil’ before going on a rampage Friday at Naval Air

No country for women. Going by cases reported from several places, Mr Bommai told the media:”attempt to rape and rapes were reported at the surroundings of tech companies and from construction sites where labourers work. Therefore, we have to tackle both.” As part of efforts to make the city women-friendly, the town police would make serious attempts to reduce the