No country for women.

No country for women.

Going by cases reported from several places, Mr Bommai told the media:”attempt to rape and rapes were reported at the surroundings of tech companies and from construction sites where labourers work. Therefore, we have to tackle both.”

As part of efforts to make the city women-friendly, the town police would make serious attempts to reduce the duration between the authorities receiving distress calls from women or women and promptly reaching the spot to help them.

Mr Bommai, who chaired a meeting with officials from the police and law departments on steps to be taken to protect women, stated:”Over 30 lakh women and girls downloaded the Surakasha App up to now. The moment they press on it, will get to the spot and the police will find the alert. At present the duration between the authorities reaching the place and receiving the calls is seven minutes. We would like to reduce it further so that we ought to reach areas within five minutes – rather than seven minutes – of getting calls.”

The home minister also said the Centre would release’Nirbhaya’ funds that has been completely under-utilised, and the state government would make every attempt to utilise the funds efficiently. “We have 270 Hoysala vehicles in the city and another 183 are working across the state. The government is planning to raise it to 500 at least,” he added. On POCSO cases involving rape of minor girls, Mr Bommai said the state had set up courts to take care of POCSO in each district but there were flaws in taking cases to the logical end. The authorities probed the medication angle in various rape cases. The officers were led to eliminate drug mafia in the city, the minister added.

Referring to cases of rowdyism by young boys, Mr Bommai admitted that largely they were under 25 years and uneducated. The police has been directed to take stern action against childhood, he added.

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