Top Five Attractions in South Korea’s Incheon.

Top Five Attractions in South Korea’s Incheon.

Odds are you will land in the Incheon International Airport, which is a short drive away from the mega city of Seoul, if you are headed to the Republic of Korea, commonly called South Korea. Think about seeing these attractions if you have some time to spare in Incheon.

Songdo Central Park

As the buildings light up around the playground the view gets even more mesmerizing after nightfall.

Visit the Deer farm here to see deer grazing on grass and Tribowl for a cultural space that provides various exhibitions, conferences and performances. Incheon has a river which spans from east to west, where visitors can enjoy various water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, riding a family boat and much more.

Moraenae Market

Moraenae Market first began as a wholesale marketplace selling agricultural and fisheries products, then expanded to selling clothes, dishes, fisheries, and other varied items. Due to the large traffic of customers compared to other traditional markets, Moraenae Market is known for keeping goods up-to-date with fresh and trendy items.

The National Institute of Biological Resources is the largest collection preservation facility in Asia with approximately 6,000 species on display as of October 2019. Unlike some museums, all of the specimens on display were collected from people that faced natural deaths or roadkills. Fox specimen can also be viewed on display.

Incheon Grand Park

A treasure in the middle of the city, Incheon Grand Park is an urban nature park that provides greenery and fresh air. As the sole nature park in Incheon, the park holds kids zoo, an arboretum, bicycle square, rose much more and garden. Numerous animals and plants can be seen in the arboretum and the zoo, while those searching for peace and relaxation can walk around the Lake Garden listening to the calming sound of water flowing down the stair waterfall. The most popular course in the park, Forest of Healing, has a forest walking course which serves as the perfect activity for nature therapy. Due to the park size, people are recommended to rent a bicycle to get see everything the park has to offer.

Gyeongin ARA Waterway

Gyeongin ARA Waterway connects Hangang River to the Sea with an observatory, artificial waterfall, Sculpture Park and other attractions along the way. Additionally, it has an 18.2-kilometre long bike path that follows the waterway where many visitors enjoy riding bikes, while others are content by taking a relaxing stroll on the promenade.

Seoul Metropolitan Subway lines not only cover Seoul but also states including Gangwon-do, Incheon, Chungcheongnam-do and Gyeonggi-do if you wish to come on a day that is relaxed to Incheon.

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