UK general election campaign trail happened last month

UK general election campaign trail happened last month

New Delhi: Britain’s Indian-origin Home Secretary Priti Patel, who struck the UK general election campaign trail last month, on Sunday promised stronger ties between India and UK after the Brexit deal is finalised.

‘So much will change after we get Brexit completed,’ Patel told CNN-News in an exclusive interview, including:’After we get Brexit done we will be able to give Indians coming to the UK the same preference that we give to the EU nationals

Patel said she is looking forward to’buildng a living bridge with India and strengthen ties’ between the two nations. ‘As the British Home Secratory, I will be able to do a great deal on immigration when it comes to encouraging the brightest and the best coming from India.

We have already brought in a change in the post-study visa standards. We will also be working to bring over people who wish to work in our nation and support our economy. This is what we’re aiming to do if we get Brexit done. We’re trying to end the discrimination that currently exists when it comes to immigration.’ Patel, an ardent Brexiteer who had been one of the most vocal critics of Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, took charge as Britain’s first Indian-origin Home Secretary in July from the newly-unveiled Boris Johnson Cabinet.

Patel was a prominent member of the Back Boris campaign for the Conservative Party leadership and was widely tipped for the plum post in his frontline team. The Gujarati-origin politician, who’s a prominent guest at all significant Indian diaspora events in the UK, is seen as a fervent supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the united kingdom.

As part of the UK Parliament’s influential Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC), she was part of the team that recently released its damning report warning that the UK was falling behind in the race to engage with India at the end of a protracted Global Britain and India parliamentary inquiry.

“Our report calls for the government to look again at the relationship between the UK and India,” Patel said, with regard to the Building Bridges: Reawakening UK-India ties’ report published last month to mark the first-ever India Day at the UK Parliament.

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